ICEA support the National Architcture Bioecologic Association (ANAB)

ICEA support the National Architcture Bioecologic Association (ANAB)

The National Architcture Bioecologic Association (ANAB), last week, sent to the Council President Prof. Giuseppe Conte and all interested Ministries an important communication about the promotion of ethical and actually sustainable development after COVID-19.
Content of the proposal: ANAB’s Agenda 2020-2025 The requests of ANAB’s proposal are contained in the 2020-2025 agenda to build, live healthy and sustainable (at the bottom), which wants to represent an important contribution for the development of a true ecological transition!

In summary, are proposed as essential:

  • building healthy and with low environmental impact;
  • incentives for a bioecological building now indispensable and accessible to everyone, because it’s healthy, which would lead to a lowering of the costs of natural materials, favoring their spread and an increase in the sector’s employees;
  • the introduction of a rewarding system and merit-based actions, to really support the restructuring sector as a driving force for economic growth;
  • an improvement of the habitat and a real reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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