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ICEA certifies all those who work daily to improve the economic, social and environmental performance of companies and, above all, those entrepreneurs who manage, maintain and develop their businesses by imagining a better future for themselves, for their children and, in general , for its own territories.

Each certification scheme expresses responses aimed at specific sustainability needs of products and services.
But it is from their integrated, synergistic and widespread use that the implementation of an overall sustainable development strategy depends. It is the whole system that counts: respect for the environment and respect for man.

certification schemes

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certification schemes

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The certification process involves the verification by ICEA that the products or services put on the market comply with organic standards or other voluntary product or service specifications. Although not all certifications follow the same procedure, the certification process can be divided into 5 main phases.

Request for control and certification service.
The company requires the control and certification service by sending the necessary documentation in order to start the certification process.

Preliminary assessment.
ICEA evaluates the documentation prepared by the company in order to ascertain compliance with the requirements set out in the specification and the certification regulation.


On-site inspection verification.
ICEA sends a Supervisory Technician to the company headquarters. Depending on the requirements of the certification specification, the technician checks the production processes, takes samples of the products to be certified to submit them to laboratory tests, checks the records and accounting documents and carries out all the checks to prove compliance with the requirements of compliance.


Issue of the Certificate of Conformity.
Based on the information and data collected as part of the on-site assessment and verification process, and in the absence of irregularities, ICEA issues the certificate of conformity of the products or services.


Surveillance: periodic inspections and analyzes.
ICEA establishes a plan of periodic checks aimed at verifying and confirming the maintenance of compliance requirements.