ICEA offers organic operators valid certifications for the world market, recognized by foreign certification bodies, and accredited by national and international institutions.

MiPAAF – Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies

  • Organic production control and certification body in accordance with Reg. CE 834/07 CE 889/08, according to the provisions of Legislative Decree 20/2018.
  • Control body and certification of production DOP – IGP – STG and typical wines in accordance with Reg. EU 1151/2012.
  • Control and certification body of integrated SQNPI productions.


USDA – United States Department of Agriculture (NOP – National Organic Program)
MAFF – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (JAS – Japanese Agricultural Standard)
ACCREDIA – Italian Accreditation Body (EN 17065) for organic production in accordance with Reg. CE 834/07 CE 889/08 and production DOP – IGP – STG and typical wines in compliance with Reg. EU 1151/2012, and standard GLOBALG.AP

IOAS International Organic Accreditation Service (ISO 65) for organic production in third countries in equivalence.
EU and voluntary certifications in the cosmetics, detergent and organic textile sectors.
ASI Accreditation Service International (RSPO Accreditation Program) per RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems (SCCS) in Europe.

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