Who we are

A consortium

ICEA is a non-profit consortium involving institutions, associations, companies and civil society organizations, which for over twenty years have contributed to the dialogue and promoted the development of organic farming in Italy even before it became normed.
It verifies and certifies several thousand companies that work in respect of people and the environment, protecting the dignity of workers and the rights of consumers.

At the origins of the organic movement

ICEA has its roots in the experience of AIAB (the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture). The ICEA commitment starts therefore from organic farming and the idea of a sustainable and fair economy but goes beyond the organic concept, towards an economy and a lifestyle that requires a responsible change of methods, systems, and practices.

The ICEA network

A territorial network counting 20 offices in Italy to bring services closer to the needs of companies, to work in connection with the reference territory and enrich the Institute’s know-how.

ICEA develops schemes, regulations and guidelines to support the growth of institutions, companies and organizations in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility through the work of private subjects, local authorities, professional and trade associations, universities and Italian and international research centers.

The institutional purpose is to create value for the customers and the other subjects of the certification system in compliance with the principles of social and environmental responsibility, in a continuous strive for the improvement of the ethical code and of corporate behavior.

A different approach to certification

For ICEA, certification is indissolubly linked to the respect of the environment, understood as a common and indivisible good that must be shared with future generations. With this goal ICEA stands out as an “Institute”: a meeting place for different subjects, designed and structured to provide highly qualified regulated and voluntary inspection and certification services in the field of ethical and environmental standards, in line with the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality.

Certification adds value

The institutional aim of ICEA is in the first place to create value for clients and other subjects of the certification system, in accordance with the principles of social and environmental responsibility, in a continuous strive for the improvement of the behavior.

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