ICEA al SANA 2021

ICEA al SANA 2021

At last! After a year of forced shutdown because of COVID-19 pandemic, ICEA invites you to special initiatives to SANA 2021, the International Biological and Natural Exhibition, in Bologna from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 September 2021, Pavilion 37 Stand D16E15.

To remember the most significant moments of the past editions, we want to remind you what ICEA has done together with its guests over the past years at SANA.

Leggere è cosa SANA where we wanted to instill to the public how important is to obtain information about the organic sector, through paper of sector. At the even we had as special guests: the comic actress Arianna Porcelli Safonov, the economist Prof. Andrea Segrè and the writer Francesco Narmenni.

ICEA chiama: we asked visitors the big question “Is Organic a fake?”. A short interview to learn about the information and opinion of people, from consumers, to producers, to institutions.

ICEA chiama – giovani: we had met the young people visiting SANA and ask them their feelings and their opinions about organic and sustainability issues.

Do not miss the ICEA proposals at SANA 2021. Come and discover them!
Hall 37, Stand D16E15.