Coronavirus Alert – To all ICEA subsidiaries

Coronavirus Alert – To all ICEA subsidiaries

Allerta Coronavirus

To all ICEA subsidiaries

In line with the adaptation to measures for the containment and contrast of the spread of the Covid-19 virus – Dpcm 08 09 and 11 March 2020,
ICEA offices in all regions remain at your disposal to guarantee the continuity and quality of services, through agile working methods (teleworking, smart working, e-mail and telephone).

In following up the provisions of the competent authorities, ICEA has suspended the audits until new provisions, and at the same time continues to work for the respect and for the good of all, ensuring, as far as possible and with appropriate procedures, the regular performance of all processes, including those relating to new applications and notifications of changes, in order not to compromise the continuity of certification, for commercial purposes or for applications for the Community premium.

In the hope that the health emergency can end as soon as possible, we extend cordial greetings and best wishes for serenity.