ICEA support FECD’s project

ICEA support FECD’s project

Sustainability is the goal pursued by the activity of ICEA, Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, a consortium that brings together civil society subjects, businesses and associations, guided by this common ideal.

To do so, ICEA operates on different fronts and at different levels, as well as on the main activity which is the certification of organic agriculture. For twenty years ICEA has been monitoring and certifying the production and transformation from organic agriculture. ICEA with the specialized technical staff performs an important and necessary service for the entire food chain, to guarantee the trust of those who produce and those who buy products that are an expression of sustainable development.

The FECD “Fondo Ecuatoriano de Cooperación para el Desarrollo” is a foreign associate of ICEA’s consortium and works for sustainable development in Ecuador, where it is based, with particular attention to degraded areas and small producers and with a focus on the human aspect. The FECD promotes organic agriculture and its certification in the Ecuadorian territory (Latin America) and carries out many other different activities for sustainable development.

The FECD is an organization that also operates fundraising and empowerment actions for its donors. In this moment of global health emergency, Ecuador is in a particularly delicate situation, where the lack of financial availability of the public administration aggravates the current crisis and seriously affects the living conditions of the most vulnerable sectors. The health structure is insufficient in cities, sometimes absent in rural areas and the response to intervention and rescue needs is limited.

Access to information in rural areas is very limited and this prevents information and appropriate knowledge of preventive measures against Covid-19. In addition, the spread of contagion can have an impact on agricultural production and future harvests, also compromising the food security of urban sectors and the economy of the whole country.
The FECD is promoting a campaign on preventive measures against Coronavirus so that ignorance and disinformation do not cause fatal situations and to ensure the flow of food from production areas to large population centers, in fair and sustainable terms.

ICEA shares and supports this project and invites to visit it on the FECD website.


FECD digital channels

In April 2020 FECD has released his 3 new digital channels: Website, Facebook and Instagram.
These channels seek to position FECD in the digital world, create an online community and be the main source of fundraising for FECD projects and initiatives.