Sustainable Forest Management – PEFC ™

The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ( PEFC ™ ) is an international initiative based on a broad understanding of the parties involved in the implementation of sustainable forest management at national and regional level.


Representatives of forest owners and popular groves, end consumers, users, freelancers, environmental organizations, public administrations, cooperatives, certification bodies, the world of civil society, the world of the wood and crafts industry participate in the development of the PEFC ™.

PEFC ™ proposes a forest certification scheme adaptable to the different situations of the individual states and provides the following types:

  • Sustainable Forest Management Certification (GFS)  – guarantees to the final consumer that products of forest origin derive from forests managed in a legal and sustainable way, therefore that they do not prevent illegal cuts or irresponsible interventions, which can lead to impoverishment or destruction of forest resources.
  • Chain of Custody Certification (CoC)  – guarantees that the company owns and uses the necessary security mechanisms to track certified products within the company’s production process.

In Italy the reference point is PEFC ™ Italy; a non-profit association which constitutes the national governing body of the PEFC ™ certification system, that is the Forest Certification Scheme Evaluation Program.