Organic & Natural Animal Care

The ORGANIC & NATURAL ANIMAL CARE Standard certifies products intended for pets, guaranteeing the use of organic ingredients and chemical substances of natural origin made according to quality and environmental sustainability criteria.


The Standard arises from the need of a constantly expanding market and an increasing attention to the animal welfare. The Standard provides for two possible levels of certification: Organic Animal Care and Natural Animal Care.

The Organic Animal Care, in addition to the requirements for green chemistry and natural origin, requires that at least 20% of the total of the ingredients comes from certified organic farming, except only for rinse-off products for which the limit drops to 10%.
Natural Animal Care entails all the above-mentioned requirements but does not demand a minimum organic percentage to be achieved.

ICEA ORGANIC & NATURAL ANIMAL CARE certified products guarantee:

  • Formulations based on the use of raw materials of natural origin and from organic farming;
  • Prohibition of the use of raw materials derived from animals or plants that appear on the European and International Lists of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES);
  • Prohibition of the use of raw materials derived from parts of live or slaughtered animals or from their killing or suffering;
  • truthful labels and claims supported by reliable scientific tests or bibliography.

Here you can consult the list of certified products and their ingredients



Preliminary Evaluation
The initial evaluation of the products consists in the evaluation of the formula and the conformity of the raw materials by checking the safety and origin data sheets, toxicity and biodegradability values, etc. For all organic ingredients the certification issued by authorized inspection and certification bodies is required. Patch tests are also required for products that come into contact with the hands and performance evaluation tests.

The inspection at the production site involves the verification of the actual conformity of the products with the requirements of the Standard, the correct organization and management of manufacturing processes and internal procedures, and the compliance with the relevant environmental criteria.

Issue of the Certificate of Conformity
The issue of the Certificate of Conformity based on the information and data collected is part of the evaluation and inspection process, which shows the list of certified products, according to their classification, and the version of the Standard according to which the products have been certified.

The annual surveillance includes periodic inspections at the production units, storage and distribution centers of the products in order to verify the maintenance of the conditions of compliance, and also periodic sampling for product analysis at the production plants and points of sale.


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