Eco Bio Detergence and Eco Detergence

Eco & Eco Bio Detergents , certifies household cleaners (dishes, laundry, flooring, etc.) and adjuvants for both domestic and professional use. It guarantees the detergent products obtained by privileging the use of organic ingredients , substances of natural origin characterized by a low environmental impact and skin compatibility.


The products of the Eco&EcoBio Detergence ICEA are obtained with the use of organic products and / or substances of natural origin, favoring the use of chemical substances of natural origin characterized by low environmental impact and skin-compatibility. The ICEA Disciplinary was created taking as a reference the criteria ECOLABEL , taking in several cases more restrictive specifications and parameters , in particular with regards to environmental impact . In addition to the environmental impact of the raw materials used, the disciplinary proposes requirements and limitations regarding packaging. The control system also includes a verification of the performance and effectiveness of the product in able to certify their effectiveness with respect to similar products, even if they are not certified, that are market leaders. As for the cosmetic sector there is no law that establishes what an organic and / or natural detergent is . The certification becomes, therefore, a voluntary choice pursued by the most evolved and virtuous companies that feel the need to provide customers with greater guarantees, submitting to the controls of an independent organization and professional who guarantees their correct operation and the ecological qualities of the products. The rules of operation of the certification are public, transparent and equal for all manufacturers that boast the Icea brand. Conformity is declared through a voluntary ecological label subjected to external certification (or third party certification), label type 1 (ISO 14024) . The Disciplinary and ICEA certification system for Eco & Eco Bio Detergents and the related certification are normally considered equivalent to the ECOLABEL voluntary labeling system even in the green procurement of the Public Administration ( Green Public Procurement ). The products of Eco & EcoBio Detergents guarantee :

  • Formulations consisting of at least 95% natural ingredients.
  • In the case of Eco Bio Detergents, surfactants, active ingredients and plant extracts from organic farming and certified for a minimum of 20% (excluding powdered products).
  • Mandatory product tests in order to verify the washing effectiveness.
  • Mandatory dermatological tests for products that come into contact with the epidermis.
  • True labels and claims supported by a reliable scientific test or bibliography.
  • An independent control and certification system with international accreditations, which makes the rules, the lists of companies and certified products (including the ingredients) public and responds to questions asked by consumers.



Preliminary assessment.
Initial evaluation of the products and the production process which includes, among other things, the evaluation of the composition of the products for which certification is requested, as well as the compliance of raw materials through the technical sheets of all the components. For all organic ingredients, the certification issued by authorized control and certification bodies is required. Patch tests are also required (only for products that come into contact with the hands) and washing performance evaluation tests.

On-site inspection verification.
On-site inspection aimed at verifying the effective compliance of the products with the requirements of the specification; the correct organization and management of manufacturing processes and internal procedures that may compromise the conformity of the product itself; compliance with relevant environmental criteria.

Issue of the Certificate of Conformity.
Issue of the Certificate of Conformity based on the information and data collected in the assessment and verification process. The certificate contains the list of certified products and is distinguished in relation to the classification of ECO BIO DETERGENZA and ECO DETERGENZA products.

Surveillance: periodic inspections and analyzes.
Annual monitoring which includes periodic inspections at the production units, warehousing and product distribution centers in order to verify the maintenance of the compliance conditions. ICEA also carries out product analysis withdrawals both at production plants and in sales points.

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