Organic Content Standard (OCS)

Organic Content Standard (OCS). Certifies textile products, manufacturing activities. It enhances textile products made from natural fibres – plants or animals – produced and certified in accordance with the criteria of organic farming.

What it is certified

Organic Content Standard (OCS) is promoted at international level by Textile Exchange, provides for the issue of an environmental statement verified by a third party that:

  • validates the content of natural fibres from organic farming in textile products (both intermediate and finished products);
  • guarantees traceability along the entire production chain of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products.

All textile products may be certified according to the OCS standard if they are composed of at least 5% of certified organic natural fibres. The following products do not fall within the scope of OCS, therefore the following aspects are not subject to verification:

  • Quality requirements for material
  • Material safety features
  • Environmental performance and impacts associated with production processes
  • Social criteria.

The OCS applies to all textile manufacturing processes beginning ginning, then spinning and the following textile ennobling processes.

How to certify

The certification process is divided into 3 main phases:

  1. Initial assessment of the products and production, which includes, among other things, the assessment of the composition of the products for which certification is required, as well as the conformity and natural origin of raw materials and suppliers.
  2. In situ inspection, to verify: the effective compliance of products with OCS criteria; the systematic application of operating procedures for the correct management of identification and traceability in accordance with the criteria established by the Content Claim Standard (CCS) developed and adopted by Textile Exchange; the correct organisation and management of manufacturing processes and internal procedures that could compromise the conformity of the product itself.
  3. Issue of the Certificate of Conformity based on information and data collected as part of the assessment and verification process.

Documents and downloadable files

Organic Content Standard 2.0 OCS Implementation Manual 2.0 OCS Logo Use and Claims Guide Certification guidelines 

OCS certified operator list
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