Our identiry


ICEA’s commitment is rooted in the organic world, but is projected towards a deeper idea: that of a model of sustainable and supportive economy, with lifestyles that require responsible conversion of methods, systems and practices.

We are an ethical and environmental certification institute and as such we firmly believe in the value of certification, as a bulwark of consumer rights and guarantees for workers.

For over 20 years we have been checking and certifying thousands of companies, in Italy and abroad, which carry out their business with respect for man and the environment, both for the food and non-food sectors.

An ICEA certification, in fact, summarizes the concepts of ethics  and  competence : principles that guide both the operators of the supply chain and those who operate in the control and certification activity as an impartial safeguard to protect the consumer.

We have always maintained a rigorous and evolutionary approach to the “rules of the game”, intended not only as an essential constraint, but as an opportunity.


We carry on the idea of ​​a certified product that preserves not only the experience of a place, a tradition, the work of a producer, but that becomes an instrument for sharing cardinal values: respect and care for the environment, health , justice and legality.

Above all, we believe in an organic agriculture that looks to the future, which is increasingly respectful of the environment, the earth and all living beings, and not the object of profit and interest of a few. Agriculture that is the tool with which to face the increasingly urgent challenges of our times, from world hunger to the climate crisis.