Eco bio cosmetics and natural cosmetics

Eco Bio Cosmetics and Natural Cosmetics certify cosmetic products , raw materials for cosmetics , cosmetic products for use animal . It guarantees cosmetic products obtained by favoring the use of organic ingredients , chemical substances of natural origin , selected on the basis of criteria of environmental sustainability and healthiness.


Eco Bio Cosmetics is a project started in 2000 in a strongly deregulated context and that managed to find the right balance between the consumer’s expectations of naturalness and health and the peculiarities and needs of the Italian cosmetic industry as the need for sufficiently performing products. scented or the traditional mistrust of dermatologists towards the natural product.

Unlike food products, in the cosmetic sector there is no law that establishes what an organic and / or natural cosmetic is. The certification becomes, therefore, a voluntary choice pursued by the most advanced and virtuous companies that feel the need to provide customers with greater guarantees, submitting to the controls of an independent and professional organization that guarantees their correct operation and ecological qualities of the products.

The operating rules of the certification are public, transparent and equal for all manufacturers that boast the Icea brand.

Here you can consult the list of certified products and related ingredients (INCI) .

The products of Eco Bio Cosmetics and Natural Cosmetics ICEA guarantee:

  • Formulations consisting of ingredients of natural origin, selected on the basis of criteria of environmental sustainability and healthiness.
  • In the case of Eco Bio Cosmetics products, surfactants, functional principles and plant extracts from organic farming and certified based on the main international regulations
  • Mandatory tests on the finished product to prevent unwanted effects
  • Truthful labels and claims supported by a reliable scientific test or bibliography;
  • An independent control and certification system with international accreditations, which makes the rules, the lists of companies and certified products (including the ingredients) public and responds to questions asked by consumers.


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