Certificate of Suitability LEED® for construction products

LEED® Certificate of Eligibility certifies construction products, construction systems.
It certifies the sustainability characteristics of the building materials with respect to the potential contribution they have for the activation of credits envisaged by the LEED® building certification system.


The  Green Building Council Italia ( GBC Italia )  adapts to the Italian reality and promotes the LEED ® Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification system   for buildings, whose parameters establish precise  criteria for the design and construction  of  healthy, energy efficient and impact buildings environmental content .

The LEED ® certification  is based on  specific standards for the different types of buildings , and is organized into thematic sections for which credits and scores are defined.

ICEA evaluates the  performance characteristics of  building materials and issues a verified and third party declaration of the  potential contribution to the activation of LEED ® credits .

For this purpose, specific guidelines for the application of LEED ® credits have been prepared   for the various categories of building materials. For each category,  the LEED ® Credits  to which the materials can contribute are highlighted , as well as the objective compliance indicators.



Mapping of LEED® credits
Mapping of LEED® credits aimed at identifying the LEED® credits to which the product can contribute in accordance with the technical specifications developed for the various categories of construction materials.

Preliminary evaluation.
Initial evaluation of the products and of the production process which includes a verification that the product responds functionally to the declared use, the execution of any further laboratory tests on the products in order to demonstrate the potential activation of the LEED® credits and the evaluation of the cycle of product life through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology.

On-site inspection.
On-site inspection aimed at ascertaining the correct management of manufacturing processes, as well as assessing the efficiency of processes and practices that can have an impact on the environment or on the health and safety of workers.