Global Organic Textile Standard

The GOTS is recognized as the most important standards for sustainable production of garments and textiles made from natural fibers from organic farming as organic cotton or organic wool. The following can be certified according to the GOTS: Textile products; Chemical products for the textile industry; Manufacturing activity


The Global Organic Textile Standard was developed by leading international organizations in organic agriculture in order to guarantee the consumer that organic textile products are obtained in compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria applied at all levels of production, from the collection in the field of natural fibers to the subsequent manufacturing phases, up to the labeling of the finished product. GOTS, responding to the strong demand for common production criteria by the industry and the distribution of textile and clothing products, has obtained a vast international recognition that allows those who produce and sell organic textile products to have available a certification accepted in all the main markets. The following are certifiable according to GOTS:

  • textile products
  • manufacturing activities
  • chemicals for the textile industry.

Textile products

Products containing at least 70% organic natural fibers, such as (but not exclusively): fibers, yarns, fabrics, clothing, textile accessories (worn or worn), textile toys, household linen, mattresses and bed linen, as well as personal care products.

Manufacturing activity

The standard provides that all manufacturing processes such as, for example, dyeing or printing carried out on behalf of third parties by operators who adopt management models and procedures that comply with the requirements set by GOTS, can be certified.

Approval of dyes and auxiliaries for the textile industry according to GOTS

ICEA is accredited for verifying the approval of chemical products that can be used in the ennobling of GOTS certified textile products. The evaluation of a chemical product is mainly based on the verification of the toxicological and ecotoxicological characteristics.

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Initial evaluation of products and production process.
Initial evaluation of the products and of the production process which includes, among other things, the evaluation of the composition of the products for which certification is required, as well as the conformity of organic raw materials and suppliers, and the suitability of the chemical products used in specific manufacturing processes.

On-site inspection.
On-site inspection, which is aimed at ascertaining: the actual compliance of the products with the GOTS criteria; the correct organization and management of manufacturing processes and internal procedures likely to compromise the conformity of the product itself with the requirements defined in the standard; compliance with the relevant environmental and social criteria.

Issuance of the Certificate of Conformity
Based on the information and data collected as part of the evaluation and verification process.