IBD (Brazil)

Brazilian legislation for organic products.
Certifies agricultural products, processed products intended for human consumption.
It guarantees compliance with the organic standards in force in the Brazilian Federation and allows the export of organic products to Brazil.


Companies that intend to export their organic products to Brazil must necessarily have the certification of compliance with Brazilian legislation issued by an inspection body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Pecuária and Abastecimento (MAPA). For this reason, ICEA has signed an agreement with IBD, the certification body of the Brazilian organic and bio-dynamic movement, authorized by MAPA and accredited according to ISO 65 (EN 17065).

By virtue of this agreement, ICEA carries out the inspection activity required for obtaining the IBD certification with its controllers. IBD carries out the subsequent evaluation activity up to the issue of the Certificate of compliance with Brazilian legislation and the approval of the labels of the products destined for the Brazilian market.

Compliance with the Brazilian technical standard must be verified by an IBD authorized inspection body at all companies in the production chain, starting with primary agricultural production.

Organic certified suppliers and sub-suppliers pursuant to EC Reg. 834/07 by Italian control bodies that have signed a similar agreement with IBD will have to avail themselves of the inspectors of the respective body. In all other cases, IBD inspections will be carried out by ICEA inspectors.

For further information and documents please visit https://www.ibd.com.br/brasil-organico/?lang=en



Request for certification and control costs.
Request for certification and control costs by completing and sending to IBD and for information to ICEA, the appropriate request form. The certification costs are communicated by IBD while ICEA formulates a quote for the inspection costs based on the number of operators that make up the production chain. If requested by the head of the supply chain, the estimate may also include the costs of the checks carried out by the other bodies authorized by IBD.

Preliminary assessment.
The applicant company must provide IBD with all the information requested regarding the supply chain.
On-site inspection to verify the compliance with the Brazilian law requirements. The checks must be carried out at all companies in the production chain, including contractors, even if they are already subject to the EC 834/07 control system.

Issue of the Certificate of Conformity.
Issue of the Certificate of Conformity by IBD on the results of the checks carried out by ICEA and the documents acquired by the requesting operator as part of the assessment and verification process. The certificate contains the list of certified products that can be exported to Brazil.

Surveillance: periodic inspections and analyzes.
Annual surveillance through periodic inspections aimed at confirming the maintenance of compliance conditions at all companies in the supply chain.


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