Agriculture Biologique (France)

Agriculture Biologique (AB – France), certifies agricultural and livestock products, processed products for human consumption, animal feeds. Promotes the export of organic products to France. A very common historical brand known by French consumers.


Even today, despite the spread of the European organic logo, many French consumers recognize organic products thanks to the presence of this brand on packaging. For this reason, French distributors require the affixing of this mark also for products commissioned and / or purchased by Italian manufacturers.

The AB trademark, in fact, can be used freely and free of charge also by the organic operators of the other member countries of the European Community, provided that the marked products are obtained in compliance with Reg (CE) n. 834/2007 and within the European Community.

For agricultural and zootechnical productions, there are no requirements other than those imposed by Reg. (CE) n. 834/2007 and Reg (CE) n. 889/2008.

Processed products intended for human consumption and feed can boast the brand only if they contain a percentage of organic ingredients greater than 95% (the same condition provided for the use of the EU logo).

Products of animal origin not yet covered by the European regulation must be obtained in accordance with a specific national regulation “cahier des charges français“.

The use of the trademark is also permitted in foods destined for pets (pet food) which must comply with national regulations, provided that they contain at least 95% of raw materials of agricultural origin from organic farming.

Further information is available on the AgenceBio website.


The certification process is resolved in 1 phase.

Authorization to affix the AB mark can be issued to all products certified Reg (CE) n. 834/2007 which meet the requirements indicated above. To this end, only a documentary check is required, no additional inspections are necessary.

The label showing the AB logo (also in the version combined with the bio EU logo) must be sent to the national office contact person: Samanta Rosi Belliere, together with Annex 4 of the Regulation using the AB logo.

The request can also be presented through the ICEA regional offices at the time of the authorization request pursuant to Reg (CE) n. 834/2007.


Agriculture biologique (France)

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