ICEA – Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale

ICEA is a non-profit consortium involving bodies, associations, businesses, and organisations of the civil society. ICEA inspects and certifies several thousand companies that carry out their activities in respect of individuals and the environment, protecting the dignity of workers and consumer rights.
ICEA was born from the experience of AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Farming). ICEA’s commitment, therefore, starts with organic and the idea of a model of a sustainable and solidarity economy, and goes beyond organic, moving towards an economy and lifestyles that require a responsible conversion of methods, systems and practices.
A network with 20 offices in Italiy to bring services closer to the needs of companies, to work in close contact with the reference territory and enrich the Institute’s expertise.
ICEA proposes the development of schemes, regulations, specifications, and measures to support the growth of bodies, companies and institutions in the field of sustainability and corporate  responsibility creating relationships with private individuals, professionals, local authorities, professional and professional associations, universities and Italian and international research centres.
The institutional aim is to create value for customers and other subjects of the certification system, to be pursued in compliance with the principles of corporate and environmental responsibility, improving the code of ethics and organisational behaviours.

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