Soil Association (UK)

Soil Association (UK)

It certifies agricultural and livestock products, processed products intended for human consumption.

It favours the export of organic products to Great Britain and enhances compliance with stricter requirements than those required by law.


What it is certified

Soil Association is the leading organic certification organisation in the United Kingdom: products with its logo are well known in the UK market and appreciated by consumers for their high level of reliability.

Operators willing to use the logo on products intended for this market shall be certified as under Regulation (EC) 834/07, and follow the product acceptance procedure provided by Soil Association. The Soil Association standards provide for stricter requirements for specific productions than the EU regulations in force.

To initiate the assessment procedure apply directly to Soil Association.

ICEA is an organisation recognised by the Soil Association and, at the latter’s request, will carry out inspections of the applicant operator to verify compliance with the specific standards.

Checklists and documents related to the verification will be sent directly to Soil Association by ICEA.

The costs of the inspection activity carried out by ICEA are borne by the Soil Association.

How to certify

The certification process is divided into four phases:

  1. The procedure to carry out the inspection shall be commenced by Soil Association following a request either by the importer who is already a licensee or following an application for certification and licence to use the trademark from the operator intending to export to Great Britain.
  2. Upon request of Soil Association, ICEA carries out the necessary inspections of all operators in the supply chain to verify compliance with the specific standards and regulations for the use of the trademark.
  3. ICEA is also directly responsible for sending inspection reports and relevant documents to Soil Association.
  4. Following the successful outcome of the assessment process Soil Association confirms the acknowledgement of conformity.

The acknowledgement shall be renewed every year following the same procedures.

Documents and downloadable files

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