Organic Farm Products

Organic Farm Products

Complete name of the scheme Biologico di Fattoria (Organic Farm Products).

What it is certified:

  • fresh fruit and vegetables and grains
  • processed products of vegetable origin (e.g. preserves, oil, wine, etc.)
  • processed animal products (e.g. charcuterie and cured meat)
  • dairy products

Why: It guarantees the authentic short chain products, produced exclusively from farm-grown products, processed and sold directly from organic farms.


What it is certified

Biologico di Fattoria specification defines the minimum requirements for certification of food products (packaged) from organic farming whose production cycle starts and ends within a single farm.

A significant number of consumers favour food products that are obtained directly from the farm that markets its packaged product.

The absence of intermediate steps, of different subjects involved in the production of the product allows a lower handling of the product itself, shorter processing and packaging times linked to the absence of intermediate transport and a consequent greater freshness and nutritional quality of the raw materials processed.

This brand can also be well appreciated in circuits from the catering and haute cuisine.

For companies already under ICEA control for the EU organic sector (Regulation (EC) No. 834/07) no additional costs are foreseen.

How to certify

The certification process is divided into four main phases.

  1. Initial assessment of the products and production process. The applicant company shall provide all objective evidence of compliance with the requirements of the specification. Much of the information required has already been acquired indirectly by ICEA during the inspections carried out for organic Regulation (EC) No. 834/07.
  2. On-site inspection to verify compliance with the product specification. When operational, inspections are carried out in conjunction with the organic certification Reg. No. CE 834/07.
  3. Issue of the Certificate of Conformity based on information and data collected as part of the evaluation and verification process. The certificate contains a list of certified products that meet the requirements of the standard.
  4. Annual surveillance through regular inspections and analyses to confirm the maintenance of compliance conditions.

Documents and downloadable files

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