IBD (Brazil)

IBD (Brazil)

Brazilian standard for organic products-Brazil.

IBD certifies agricultural products, processed products for human consumption.

It guarantees compliance with organic standards in force in the Brazilian Federation and allows organic products to be exported to Brazil.

What it is certified

Starting from 2013, the Brazilian Federation has established its control and certification system and its own rules for the production, marketing and labelling of organic products. This national control and certification system does not recognise any equivalence with the European regulation system, NOP certification (United States) and JAS (Japan).

Why certify

Companies wishing to export their organic products to Brazil shall necessarily have certification of compliance with Brazilian regulations issued by a control body authorised by the Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA).
For this reason, ICEA has signed an agreement with IBD, a historical certification body for the Brazilian biological and biodynamic movement, authorized by MAPA and accredited according to ISO 65 (EN 17065).

By this agreement, ICEA carries out with its technical auditors the inspection activity required to obtain IBD certification as well as facilitate the procedures for requesting certification for operators already checked for other schemes.
 IBD carries out the subsequent assessment until the issuance of the Certificate of Conformity to Brazilian regulations and the approval of the labels of products destined for the Brazilian market.

Compliance with the Brazilian technical standard shall be verified by an inspection body authorised by IBD at all holdings in the production chain, starting with primary agricultural production.

Organically certified suppliers and sub-suppliers under the terms of the Regulation (EC) No. 834/07 by Italian Control Bodies that have signed a similar agreement with IBD (Bioagricert, BIOS, CCPB, Ec and QCertifications) must make use of the inspectors of the respective body. In all other cases, IBD inspections will be carried out by ICEA inspectors.

Organic IBD

How to certify

The certification process is divided into the following main phases:

  1. Request for a prior estimate for certification and inspection costs by filling out and sending to IBD and for information to ICEA, the appropriate request form. Certification costs are reported by IBD, and ICEA estimates inspection costs based on the number of operators in the production chain. If requested by the head of the supply chain, the estimate may also include the costs of checks carried out by other bodies authorised by IBD.
  2. Initial assessment of products and production process. The applicant company must provide IBD with all requested information about the supply chain, preparation recipes and labels of the products covered by the application for certification.
  3. On-site inspection to verify the actual compliance with the requirements of Brazilian legislation. Checks must be carried out on all holdings in the production chain, including subcontractors, even if they are already subject to the EC 834/07 control regime.
  4. Issue of the Certificate of Conformity by IBD on the results of the verifications carried out by ICEA and the documents acquired by the applicant operator as part of the assessment and verification process. The certificate contains the list of certified products that may be exported to Brazil.
  5. Annual surveillance through regular inspections to confirm the maintenance of compliance conditions at all companies in the supply chain.


Documents and downloadable files

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