KRAV (Sweden)

KRAV (Sweden)

It certifies agricultural and livestock products, processed products intended for human consumption.
It favours the export of organic products to Sweden and enhances compliance with stricter
requirements than those required by law.


What it is certified

KRAV is the main certification organisation for organic production in Sweden. The products marked with its logo are well known in the Swedish market and appreciated by consumers for the high level of guarantee offered and the important institutional role played by this organisation.

Operators who adhere to the KRAV mark must comply with more stringent ecological standards than those laid down in European legislation (Regulation (EC) No.834/07). KRAV standards also include corporate responsibility requirements.

An operator intending to supply raw materials and/or products to Swedish operators certified by KRAV or directly display the logo on products destined for this market shall enter into agreements with Swedish customers and/or directly with KRAV.

ICEA is an Italian control body authorised by KRAV and its control body KIWA to carry out inspections in Italy.

In the case of dairy products it is possible to access KRAV qualification or certification through voluntary IOS animal husbandry, thanks to an agreement of acknowledgement of equivalence of the two certifications.

How to certify

The certification process is divided into four phases:

  1. The procedure to carry out the inspection shall be commenced by KRAV following a request either by the Swedish importer who is already a licensee or following an application for certification and licence to use the trademark from the operator intending to export to Swede.
  2. Upon request of KRAV, ICEA carries out the necessary inspections of all operators in the supply chain in order to verify compliance with the specific standards and regulations for the use of the trademark.
  3. ICEA is also directly responsible for sending inspection reports and relevant documents to KRAV.
  4. Following the successful outcome of the assessment process, KRAV confirms the acknowledgement of conformity.

The acknowledgement shall be renewed every year following the same procedures. The operator with KRAV approval may apply to other Swedish importers interested in using the trademark.

Documents and downloadable files

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