Demeter (Biodynamic Farming)

Demeter (Biodynamic Farming)

Demeter (Biodynamic Farming) certifies agricultural and agri-food products obtained by biodynamic method.

It identifies and guarantees products obtained with biodynamic method and allows access to markets rewarding the compliance with more stringent requirements than the minimum legal requirements.

ICEA is partner of Demeter Associazione Italia, the association that promotes and protects the products of biodynamic farming, and carries out the inspection activity useful for the award of the Demeter and Biodin trademark (for biodynamic products in conversion).

Thanks to a multiannual collaboration agreement, ICEA avails of qualified technical inspectors from Demeter; they can jointly verify the correct application of the biological method (as per Regulation (EC) No. 834/07) and biodynamic standards.

The application for certification and use of the trademark shall be submitted to Demeter, which will directly commission ICEA for the inspection activity, also bearing the costs.


How to certify

The certification process is divided into 4 phases:

  1. The procedure for carrying out the inspection is commenced by Demeter Italia following the request for certification by the operator who intends to adhere to the specification and use the Demeter label and references to the biodynamic method.
  2. ICEA carried out inspections at the operators premises according to the criteria and a control plan agreed with Demeter.
  3. ICEA directly send inspection reports and relative documents to Demeter.
  4. Following the successful outcome of the evaluation process, Demeter confirms the acknowledgement of conformity.

The acknowledgement shall be renewed annually, following the same procedures.

Documents and downloadable files

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