Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events

Eventi Sostenibili certifies promoters, organisers, locations and event providers.

It enhances the value of events and organizations that take care to reduce concrete and on-site environmental impacts and enhance the commitment to social responsibility.

What it is certified

Eventi Sostenibili® ICEA is a voluntary certification, designed by Punto 3 and Tangram, which can be issued to any type of event: meeting, concert, fair, exhibition stand, festival, town festival, festival, etc.
ICEA operates according to Punto 3 company in the certification of ‘Sustainable Events’, which are configured as the initiatives for which:

  • the most critical environmental aspects and possible mitigation actions are identified and analysed from the early stages of event design
  • the commitment to improve the environmental performance of the event is communicated to participants, sponsors and other stakeholders
  • Participants are involved and encouraged to contribute their behaviour in pursuing important environmental improvement objectives.

The objective of “Eventi Sostenibili” certification is to enhance the environmental commitment of the promoter or organiser of an event by certifying the level of sustainability of the event in relation to a precise set of indicators defined for three dimensions:

  1. environmental
  2. communicative/educational
  3. management

The significance of the environmental aspects resulting from the products or services is assessed for each phase related to an event:

  1. Preparation/organization
  2. Set-up/supply
  3. Post-event/disassembly

SES® 5.0 is a tool that allows to analyse the sustainability of all phases of the event, identifying critical aspects, strengths and potential improvement actions.
The event can be certified and use the logo if it exceeds a minimum sustainability threshold that is calculated using Sustainable Event Screening® version 5.0 software.

How to certify

The certification process is divided into the following main phases:

  1. Initial assessment of the Organisation. Initial assessment of the organisation. The applicant organisation must provide in advance all documents and objective evidence of compliance with the requirements of the specification. These documents will be subject to prior documentary verification by ICEA.
  2. On-site inspection. Thanks to audits carried out by ICEA inspectors at the site of the event and other critical and significant certification sites, the applicant organisation must provide all objective evidence of compliance with the requirements of the specification.
  3. Issue of the Certificate of Conformity based on information and data collected as part of the assessment and verification process. The certificate is issued under the trademark Eventi Sostenibili® – ICEA.


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