Social Value

Social Value

Valore Sociale (Social Value) certifies all organisations and businesses (mainly SMEs). Those companies or organisation having a direct or indirect involvement in the following activities considered socially irresponsible (e.g. production of weapons, pornography, etc.) are stringently excluded.

It enhances and identifies companies that have adopted a Management System that covers all dimensions of Social Responsibility, including environmental aspects.


What it is certified

The Association Valore Sociale was established on 19 January 2006, after years of study and elaboration, at the will of these associations: Action Aid Italia, Amnesty International Italia, ARCI, Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica, Mani Tese, Movimento Consumatori, Movimento Difesa del Cittadino, UCODEP.

Valore Sociale has created the Valore Sociale Standard, which is not only a technical tool but also an indication of a different organisational culture, based on an extreme attention to people and the environment.

The specification is the result of a lengthy discussion between two Committees, the Participation and the Scientific Committee. It has been a complicated consultation, but of high quality: due to the size of the representations, the variety of competencies involved, and the levels of responsibility expressed.

Valore Sociale standard can be used as a self-assessment tool for companies and their suppliers, it expresses itself concretely, is addressed to entrepreneurs and managers who struggle every day and who want to know what (only to give an example) ‘protecting human rights tangibly’ means.

Valore Sociale standard, applied to organisations and companies wishing to obtain the certification, allows the use of a trademark clearly stating their social responsibility, a brand recognisable and well known to consumers and service users that guarantees responsibly produced products or services. With Valore Sociale trademark, a certified organisation can prove the social quality of products or services.

The Valore Sociale certification promotes the companies that:

  • Have adopted a Social Responsibility Management System that integrates, in addition to the economic one, also the social and environmental aspects in compliance with the Social Value Standard
  • Within their sphere of influence, they promote respect, consolidation and development of the key rights for social development, equal opportunities and environmental safeguard.
  • Disseminate transparent information on the social and environmental characteristics of certified.

Companies directly or indirectly involved in the following activities are considered socially irresponsible; for this reason, they are excluded from certification and from the possibility of obtain the ‘Valore Sociale’ trademark. Such activities are:  production and marketing of weapons; scientific experiments on vulnerable or unprotected human or animal subjects; economic activities resulting from and/or based on direct complicity with regimes known for not respecting human rights and/or companies grossly responsible for the destruction of the environment; pornography and commodification of sex; gambling.

How to certify

The certification process is divided into four main phases:

  1. Initial assessment of the Organization. The applicant company shall provide in advance all documents and objective elements proving compliance with the requirements of the specification. These documents will be subject to a preliminary documentary verification by ICEA certification body.
  2. On-site inspection. Thanks to the audits carried out by ICEA inspectors at the headquarters and operational centres of the organisation, the applicant company shall provide all objective evidence that the requirements of the specification have been met.
  3. Issue of the Certificate of Conformity based on information and data collected as part of the evaluation and verification process. The independent certification body ICEA issues the certificate.
  4. Annual surveillance through regular inspections carried out by ICEA inspectors to confirm that the conditions of compliance are maintained.

Documents and downloadable files

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