In addition to the regulated certification activity at European level (Reg. (EC) No. 834/2007) ICEA is authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture to certify also products with designations of origin and protected geographical indications, with a view to enhancing the value of the product and the territories of origin.

ICEA is also in possession of numerous authorisations, awards and accreditations necessary to operate in the leading international markets and is, therefore, the ideal partner for companies wishing to export products to Europe and the world.

ICEA has been committed for years in the development of voluntary certification schemes, not covered by national legislation. In this way, it promotes essential environmental, social and economic sustainability requirements that are increasingly appreciated by consumers and businesses.


Non-regulated standards

Organic catering, to define the minimum requirements of the service, the rules of control and those for consumers’ information applicable to catering;

Catering and gluten-free products, to guarantee that products and gastronomic preparations administered do not contain traces and/or potential gluten contamination;

Vegetarian and vegan products, allowing catering companies and those producing vegetarian and vegan Organic food to certify their products as organic, obtaining a double certification.


Sectors and fields of application



Corporate responsibility