Naturland certifies agricultural and livestock products for export and marketing in Germany


What it is certified

Naturland is one of the leading organic association in Germany.

Operators who adhere to the Naturland trademark shall comply with more stringent environmental standards than those required by European legislation (Regulation (EC) No. 834/07). Naturland standards also include corporate responsibility requirements.

The Naturland trademark, unlike the German national Bio-Siegel trademark, is required in the context of particularly selective trade channels, which prefer organic products that comply with stricter and more scrupulous criteria than the minimum legal ones.

Thanks to many years of cooperation and mutual trust, ICEA is one of the Italian control bodies authorised by Naturland to carry out the inspections necessary for the certification and licensing of the trademark.

The certification shall be requested directly from Naturland, which, after an initial assessment carried out with its auditors, will commission ICEA to carry out the inspection activity in the company.


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