LAV – On the side of the Animals

The Anti-Vivisection League , together with other European animal welfare associations, including Cruelty Free International , shared the fundamental criteria as a cornerstone for the Leaping Bunny certification.



LAV – Lega Anti Vivisection , through specific checks by ICEA on cosmetic products and household cleaners, qualifies and enhances commercial and corporate policies and choices aimed at not resorting to and not increasing animal testing.

In Italy, the Antivivision Section promotes this standard through the “LAV – On the side of the animals” Campaign  to discourage animal testing of raw materials and finished products.

The Standard sets the  criteria for:

  • Guarantee a “cruelty free” company policy, that is free from animal cruelty
  • Avoid increasing animal experimentation on raw materials and finished products

The specification was developed by the world’s major animal welfare organizations, led by  the European Coalition Against  ECEAE Vivisection .

LAV is the only Italian member of the coalition and a subject authorized to use and release the “Leaping Bunny” in Italy. In addition to the Leaping Bunny logo, the logo enhances the products and companies that meet the required requirements, the companies participating in the campaign have the wording “LAV – On the side of the animals” or “LAV – On the side of the animals” on their products . Checked by ICEA for LAV n ° … “

The member companies are listed in the section “Research without animals / Cruelty Free companies” on the website



Request to use the logo.
Request for use of the logo, signing of the control regulation to be  sent to LAV – dott.ssa Michela Kuan ( [email protected] )

Certification application.
Presentation of the certification application.

Request for control services from ICEA.
Presentation of the request for control services to be sent to ICEA.

Document evaluation.
Evaluation of the products and verification of the declarations of conformity, compiled by the suppliers of the raw materials, for all the ingredients used in the finished products.

On-site inspection.
Audit at the production site, by ICEA inspector technicians, to verify the company’s compliance with the requirements of the Standard. The main objective of the control is to verify the consistency of the ingredients and suppliers declared in the previous documental evaluation with the raw materials actually used (cross check).

Inspection outcome.
Communication of the outcome of the LAV audit which will grant the license to use the logo and publish the company name on the dedicated page of the LAV website.

Annual surveillance which includes annual or periodic inspections at the production units in order to verify the maintenance of compliance conditions.


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