It certifies the companies that build their own business and the relationships with suppliers by including social sustainability criteria in their strategies, with particular attention to the work and safety dimension.
It represents an advantage factor in tenders and notices promoted by the Public Administration and by the EU. An increasingly attentive and aware public opinion increasingly rewards companies that take responsibility for their behavior not only economically, but also socially and environmentally.


SA8000 is the most widespread social responsibility certification standard in  the world .

Developed by the NGO  Social Accountability International , over the years it has become the certification tool adopted by Italian and foreign companies that want to certify the correct management of employment relationships within their companies and the initiatives aimed at their constant improvement.

ICEA joins the  Ethical Work Network , the network of control bodies, coordinated by CISE – a special company of the Forlì Chamber of Commerce, accredited by SAAS for the certification of corporate social responsibility systems for companies SA8000: 2008

The  Ethical Work Network  is the main Italian reference for corporate social responsibility certification. The partnership with numerous certification bodies guarantees a very high level of professionalism and skills in all product sectors.



Initial evaluation of the Organization.
The applicant company must provide in advance all the documents and objective elements that prove compliance with the requirements of the specification. These documents will be subject to a preliminary documentary verification by the CISE Certification Body.

On-site inspection.
Thanks to the audits carried out by the ICEA inspectors at the organization’s headquarters and operating centers, the applicant company must provide all the objective elements that prove compliance with the requirements of the specification.

Issuance of the Certificate of Conformity.
Issuance of the Certificate of Conformity on the basis of the information and data collected as part of the evaluation and verification process. The certificate is issued by the CISE Certification Body, accredited by SAI.

Surveillance: periodic inspections and analyzes.
Surveillance through six-monthly inspections carried out by inspectors selected by ICEA and qualified by CISE in order to confirm the maintenance of compliance conditions.