UTZ Coffee, Cocoa and Hazelnuts

UTZ certifies coffeecocoa and hazelnuts .
Enhances and identifies colonial products on the market, obtained in compliance with environmental and social responsibility requirements .


Cocoa, coffee and tea are among the most popular products in the world and, also for these products, the attention of consumers is growing towards the sustainability of production.

UTZ  is anon-profit organization founded in 2002 that acts worldwide for the implementation of sustainable agricultural production of cocoa, coffee and tea.

The program proposed by UTZ is widespread internationally. Over one million farmers and workers in 36 countries currently benefit from certification ; the UTZ logo was used in 2015 on  13,500 products in 136 countries .

The standard applies to the entire supply chain , starting from production, transformation, up to final packaging.

ICEA is recognized by UTZ  for the certification of the traceability of a sustainable supply chain and is able to carry out inspection and certification activities in Italy relating to the  supply chain of hazelnuts, cocoa and coffee , for which our Institute has been recognized  since 2008 .

For further information and documents please visit https://utz.org/



Membership service required.
Membership request to be submitted directly to UTZ. Once the UTZ member code is obtained, contact ICEA to define the next steps.

Signing of the ICEA certification and tariff contract.
Signing of the ICEA certification and tariff contract.

Preliminary evaluation.
Initial evaluation of products and production process. The applicant company must provide the required documentation, useful for the assessment and preparation of the audit.

On-site inspection.
On-site inspection verification in order to verify the effective compliance with the requirements of the standard for specific productions and types of activities.

Issuance of the Certificate of Conformity.
Issuance of the Certificate of Conformity on the basis of the information and data collected as part of the evaluation and verification process. The issue of the certificate is subject to the ratification of the inspection report and the certificate by UTZ .

Surveillance: periodic inspections and analyzes.
Annual or biennial surveillance through periodic inspections aimed at confirming the maintenance of compliance conditions.


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