DELINAT (Austria, Germany and Switzerland)

DELINAT certifies organic grape cultivation, organic wine production for the export and marketing of organic wines in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


The Delinat Standard (Deli = Delikatesse, Nat = Natur) is a private regulation adopted by the Swiss company Denilat, specializing in the marketing of organic wines on the Swiss, Austrian and German markets. The marketing of wines takes place mainly online. The specification provides for stricter requirements than EU legislation, both as regards the organic cultivation of grapes and the production of organic wine. The Denilat standard also includes social responsibility requirements. Denilat has commissioned controls with the Swiss certification body Bio-Inspecta, to guarantee customers an independent control and certification system. Bio-Inspecta, in turn, instructs other inspection bodies for inspection activities in the various production countries. ICEA is one of the bodies authorized to carry out controls on the Italian territory. The trademark must be requested directly from the Delinat company. Generally it is Delinat itself, after the first commercial contacts, to request this additional certification from the potential supplier. Control and certification costs at all suppliers are borne directly by Delinat.


Delinat (Austria, Germany and Switzerland)