Bio Suisse (Switzerland)

Bio Suisse (Gemma) – Switzerland, certifies agricultural and livestock products, processed products for human consumption and promotes the export of organic products to Switzerland.


Bio-Suisse is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of Swiss producers and licensees of the “gemma” brand.

Bio Suisse, for many years, has developed specific directives for organic products marketed in the Swiss market and has registered the trademark “gemma/Bio-Suisse” which distinguishes the products.
The Bio-Suisse directives are more stringent than the minimum legal requirements set by European and Swiss standards for organic production.

In order to be able to export Bio-Suisse branded products to Switzerland, you must first establish a collaboration relationship with a potential Swiss importer, as this can only become the licensee of Bio Suisse and mark the products with the “Gemma” brand.
Coop Swiss and other major Swiss distribution chains identify organic products under the “Gemma” brand and only buy products that comply with Bio-Suisse guidelines.

In order to promote the dissemination of the standard and the brand, Biosuisse has established collaboration relationships with European control bodies so that compliance with the Bio-Suisse directives can be verified by the same control body that already certifies the company for what concerns the Reg. CE 834/07.
ICEA is a body authorized by ICBAG to check the compliance of the products with the Bio-Suisse directives.

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Request for control and certification service.
The operator who intends to request compliance can send a written request to the ICE regional offices that provide the formulation of the cost estimate, carry out the inspection and send the relevant check-list to Icbag.

Issue of the Certificate of Conformity.
Following the positive outcome of the evaluation process, Icbag sends the operator a confirmation letter and acknowledgment of compliance.

Annual renewal.
The recognition must be renewed every year, following the same procedures. The operator who has the Bio-Suisse recognition can propose himself to other Swiss importers interested in using the brand.