Eco Organic Tourism

Eco Bio Turismo certifies agritourism, Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Camping and Hostels.

It guarantees the protection of the environment and natural resources, the ecological management of accommodation facilities, the promotion of local culture and catering with products from organic farming.

What to certify

The Eco Bio Tourismo certification ICEA has as its distinguishing element organic farming and applies to all the leading tourist structures: agritourism, B&Bs, Hotels, Holiday Homes, Camping.

The standard is organised into five thematic areas:

  • Protection of the environment and natural resources
  • Ecological management of accommodation facilities
  • Promotion of local culture
  • Organic Catering
  • Sustainable Mobility

For each area have been defined:

  • Mandatory requirements that correspond to the minimum criteria that must be observed and respected to obtain certification and licence to use the Eco Bio Turismo trademark. The possession of all the mandatory requirements allows the structure to achieve the minimum classification level of the class of merit or the attribution of a sun.
  • Optional requirements which contribute to the formation of the score for the attribution of the class of merit, from the second to the fifth sun.

The ICEA Eco Bio Turismo trademark offers visibility to certified companies through:

How to  certify

The certification process is divided into four main phases:

  1. Initial evaluation of the tourist accommodation and request to fill in a complete information sheet of all activities.
  2. Initial Inspection by an ICEA technical controller of the local seat closest to the tourist facility.
  3. Issue of the Certificate of Conformity indicating the class of merit.
  4. Annual surveillance per Hotels and Camping and every second year for agritourism and B&Bs.

Documents and downloadable files

Information sheet Certification Criteria Inquiry Optional requirements Mandatory requirements


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