Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

ICEA’s approach to certification stems from an idea of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

With this in mind, ICEA certifies the companies that build their business by including social and environmental enhancement criteria in the strategies, as promoters of a sustainable life model. Through SA8000 and Valore Sociale (Social Value) certifications, responsible companies acquire guarantees and reliability on international markets.

Eventi Sostenibili® (Sustainable Events) – ICEA

Voluntary certification issued by ICEA (in agreement with the designers of Punto 3 and  Tangram), dedicated to meeting, concerts, exhibition stands, festivals,  and all Sustainable Events, those that:

  • analyse the most critical environmental aspects and possible mitigation actions in the early stages of design
  • communicate to participants, sponsors and other stakeholders the commitment they have made to improve environmental;
  • involve the participants to contribute their behaviour in pursuing important environmental improvement objectives.

The objective of “Eventi Sostenibili” certification is to enhance the environmental commitment of the promoter or organiser by certifying the level of sustainability in relation to a specific set of indicators defined for 3 dimensions: environmental, communicative/educational and managerial.

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This is the world’s most widely used Social Responsibility certification standard. Developed by the NGO Social Accountability International, over the years it has become the certification tool adopted by Italian and foreign companies that intend to certify the correct management of working relationships within their companies and initiatives aimed at their constant improvement..
ICEA adheres to the Network Lavoro Etico, the network of control bodies, coordinated by C. I. S. E- a special company of the Chamber of Commerce of Forli, SAAS accredited for the certification of systems of social responsibility of companies SA8000.

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Valore Sociale (Social Value)

Standard created by the association Valore Sociale of which Action Aid Italia, Amnesty International Italia, ARCI, Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica, Mani Tese, Movimento Consumatori, Movimento Difesa del Cittadino, UCODEP are members.
Valore Sociale certification promotes the companies that:

  • have adopted a Corporate Responsibility Management System that integrates economic, social and environmental aspects;
  • promote in their sphere of influence: respect, consolidation and development of fundamental rights, equal opportunities and environment protection;
  • disseminate transparent information on the social and environmental characteristics of certified companies.

Companies found to be directly or indirectly involved in the following activities are excluded from certification: production and marketing of weapons; scientific experiments on vulnerable or unprotected human or animal subjects; economic activities linked to regimes known not to respect human rights and/or which are seriously responsible for the destruction of the environment; pornography and commercialisation of sex; gambling.

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