Biowellness certifies Beauty farm, wellness centres, SPA, spa facilities.

Enhances and identifies the activities that offer users personal treatments and organic-natural activities with the use of organic and natural cosmetics, organic food and other practices aimed at improving the environmental performance of their facilities and services offered.

What it is certified

The ICEA specification defines the criteria and requirements for the certification of SPAs and wellness centres that offer users personal treatments and organic-natural activities, guaranteeing particular attention to ethical and environmental values.

The specification also aims to enhance the adoption of measures and practices is intended to improve the environmental performance of the facilities and services offered.

The specification provides for mandatory minimum requirements, compliance with which is essential for access to certification and other voluntary criteria that allow the overall environmental performance of the structure to be measured and valued.

The facility shall guarantee at least one complete treatment line with certified biological and natural cosmetics. Drinks and other foods used in the wellness area shall be exclusively organic.

How to certify

The certification process is divided into di four main phases.

  1. Initial assessment of all documentary evidence to demonstrate compliance with mandatory minimum requirements and voluntary improvement criteria.
  2. On-site inspection to verify the effective and systematic compliance with the requirements set out in the specification: the use of organic and natural cosmetic products, the administration of natural foods and the other voluntary improvement requirements declared.
  3. Issue of the Certificate of Compliance a following the positive outcome of the audit and documentary checks carried out.
  4. Annual surveillance through regular inspections and analyses to confirm the maintenance of compliance conditions.

Documents and downloadable files

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